Collider Activity Center

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Project Name: Collider Activity Center

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Client: Walltopia

Project type: Collider Activity Center

Architect: Tengiz Alaverdashvili

Design Period: 2013


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The main idea of
the proposal is to create impressive design with correct functional scheme. To make building attractive for visitors design should follow the function and accent all the inside activities.


Collider Activity Center and offices are separated (and connected) with the greenhouse. Both, offices and Center have their own staircase and elevators. In addition there is a separate staircase and elevator to access coffee shop, restaurant and roof top bar kitchens and stuff rooms. All the staircases and elevators are also connected with the underground level parking. The territory on the back of the Collider Activity Center with pools, Ropetopia etc. is situated on several different levels and can be accessed from the building, as well as from the street. 

Functional Connections:

All climbing
activities – hall for high climbing walls, boulder hall, Funtopia, green room with climbing mushrooms, outside climbing walls, also coffee shops, restrooms and item storages are placed on the ground floor level. On the second floor there are restaurant (that is connected with the Recreational swimming pool outside on the same level), restrooms for the pool and spa center. The fourth floor is for multifunctional hall and fitness. On the fifth floor there is the roof top bar with good views towards Vitosha Mountain, selected views towards the climbing wall below and also to the back territory with pools, Ropetopia, open summer stage and all other outdoor activities.


The structure of
the building is reinforced concrete with the standard grid 6mX6m and 6mX12m. The modular grid structure system is simple for construction, costs less, much more comfortable for planning and is the best solution for the underground level parking.

Design and materials:

The building is mostly transparent. The idea is to make visible inner activities, impressive massive climbing walls, green room with palms, etc. On the facade there is also used modular finishing. Facade materials are the following – Concrete, facade glass system, perforated metal sheets and painted aluminium facade panels. According to the design concept the color of the facade panels (in this case yellow) will be the same as some parts of the building inside, as well as the furniture elements. Hall for high climbing walls, Funtopia and green room are visible from the main facade. For the climbing hall and Funtopia on the facade is used partially matted glass, that lets the daylight inside, but the light is soft and protects from the sunlight heat. Hall for the high climbing walls is also visible main hall space, restaurant and the roof top bar. Greenhouse  as a sliding glass roof that can be opened during summer, as well as the facade on the ground floor level. The facade of the hall for the high climbing walls can also be opened. Ventilation for the inner spaces is  mounted into the ceilings.


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