Space Station Competition – Project Cell

Tengiz Alaverdashvili - Project Cell_Page_1

Tengiz Alaverdashvili - Project Cell_Page_2

Project Name: Project Cell

Location: Mars

Client: Architecture REVolution

Project type: Space Station

Architect: Tengiz Alaverdashvili

Design Period: 2013


Competition Website



Humanity is exploring space. Artificial satellites are robots are being sent to the space. Next step is to send humans on other planets and the first destination will be Mars. And after a time there will be more and more researchers and colonists.


The main goal of this proposal is to make the space stations adjustable to the step by step growth.

Station consists of “Cells” – modular units connected with each other. Like in biological forms station cells have ability to multiply (to be added) so the station could grow and develop.

Cell-like structure is the best way to add additional volumes (laboratories, work spaces, living and rest areas) to the station. All the cells are connected and together they form the station body.

Each unit has four sides that can be used as an entrance or window, or as a connection to the other cells. At the connection places each cell is equipped with individual hermetic door. Between the doors of two units there is a transitional space. In case of some damage this double-door connection system allows to isolate any cell until it is replaced, or the damage is fixed.

In severe conditions it is very important for the construction to b easy assembled. The station has constructional grid 11m X 11m system. Each cell has four “legs”. Footprints of these legs are placed on these grids where bearing structures are mounted into the ground. Length of the legs can be modified, so that there is no need in modifying terrain trying to make it flat.

All communication systems are placed under the cells in special tubes and are connected to the inner spaces from the bottoms of the cells. They can also be isolated from the system and fixed separately. All the cells are equipped with roof solar panels. Oxygen is produces in special cells with vegetation and distributed to other parts of the system by ventilation.


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