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Project Name: Nymphaeas

Location: Denmark, Kopenhagen

Client: Ørestad University District Homeowners’ Association

Architect: Tengiz Alaverdashvili

Design Period: 2013


Competition Website






Competition task is to generate life along the Emil Holm Canal in Ørestad North. This proposal meets all the main criteria – It is eye-catching, eventful, playful, realizable and sturdy. “Nymphaeas” is a space where people of every age can gather, taking a rest, having fun, a place for various events – concerts, exhibitions etc.

The idea is to create “Floating path” in the canal that starts from one side of the sunken level, goes along the canal and ends at the other end of the sunken level. There is a gap left between two banks to let the small boats pass through. Nymphaeas – water lily-like floating objects – are attached to the path. There are some nice looking seats with water drop shape on each of them. Railings along the path and the lamps are inspired by reed. Installation of a frog statue on one of the Nymphaeas would add more amusement to the complex.
The concept is very flexible and allows creation of different shapes of the path with different number of Nymphaeas, so it could be changed according to the construction budget or any other purpose.
Everything in this proposal consists of modular elements. That makes the project cheaper and easy to assemble. The Floating path is the combination of trapezoid elements attached to each other. Trapezoid form makes possible to create different curves of the path. Two bridges connect the path to the sunken level. The bridges change their inclination according to the water level. There are no steps in the whole structure, so Nymphaeas are also accessible for physically challenged people. Nymphaeas are also modular. There are two types of them – with diameter of 6 and 4 meters. Nymphaeas have sides made of corrugated metal sheets that create holes along the perimeter to get rid of the rain water. The floor is made with modular triangular segments with small inclination to direct water towards the edges. To avoid slipping and making Nymphaeas more resembling the natural water lilies the floor surface has relief texture.
All elements of the complex react to waves, wind, steps etc. adding more to the sensation of life. By walking on Floating path you can feel its floating, though as all the elements are attached to each other it works as one system and is very stable. Nymphaeas float and can slowly move around the junction axis. Reed lamps softly tremble when the wind blows. Water drop seats are made of semi-transparent rubber and can bend inwards a little making it very comfortable to seat on them.
Illumination is an inspiring element of the complex. Reed lamps and Water drop seats have very soft lighting. Their soft illumination and reflections on the water fill the air with sense of mystery and magic, making Nymphaeas an amazing place for spending an evening.

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